The Latvian National Opera Guild invites composers worldwide to participate in LNOG's International Competition to compose a new Latvian opera.  The final submission date is August 31, 2015.

    The Opera Guild's goal in organizing this competition is to support and popularize Latvian music and its composers.  We wish to inspire both new and established composers to create new Latvian operas.

    A number of composers have already applied to the Competition and are in the process of completing their submissions.  Their completion deadline is August 31, 2015.

    LNOG is encouraging new applicants to apply to the Competition.  New applicants must send in their applications before October 15, 2014. Their final submission date is also August 31, 2015.

    The operas submitted will be evaluated by a jury of five musical experts:  director  Viesturs Gailis (Latvia); composer Arturs Maskats (Latvia); pianist Djorde Nesic (USA); composer Juozas Širvinskas (Lithuania); and director Māris Skuja (Austria).

    The winning opera will be announced in June of 2016, at the conclusion of the Latvian National Opera's summer opera festival.  LNOG will award the winning composer $25,000 and a return trip ticket to New York for the fall of 2016.  The Latvian National Opera plans to present the opera within three years of the announcement.



    • the opera must have a Latvian theme and the libretto must be in Latvian
    • the application must be submitted before October 15, 2014.    This consists of  a 5000-6000 character plot summary, a dramaturgical and musical outline, and a description of the major roles
    • the final submission deadline is August 31, 2015.  This consists of a detailed dramaturgical outline, a number of musical sketches, a libretto and a piano score for the whole opera.
    • the application and the final submission should be on a CD or a PDF file and sent to:  aijap@yahoo.com or by mail:

    Latvian National Opera Guild, Inc.

    c/o Aija Pelše

    120 Harding Ave

    Hicksville, NY  11801-3122  USA

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